On my 61st Birthday, Mistress removed my steel Chastity cage.

I thought she was going to let me have a bit of fun.

There was to be no fun that night, as Mistress had bought me a new CB-6000 Chastity device for my birthday gift.

This was my 61st Birthday, so I hope you like seeing such an old Sissy.

I had no desire to be put into Diapers and did my best to remove them at every chance I got. Mistress Jade solved that problem with a bit of chain and some padlocks.

So I complained about the Diapers, and where did it get me ? It just got me Gagged.

So I complained about the Diapers, and where did it get me ? It just got me Gagged.

Please unchain me Mistress, I promise I won’t try to remove the Diaper again.

Please unchain me Mistress, I promise I won’t try to remove the Diaper again.

I couldn’t believe it when Mistress first put me into a Diaper, I felt so humiliated, but she secured me to the bed to ensure I couldn’t resist.

I couldn’t believe it when Mistress first put me into a Diaper, I felt so humiliated, but she secured me to the bed to ensure I couldn’t resist.


Mistress had been bringing men to my house and forcing me to suck their cocks. I was always wearing a Diaper, and chained up on my knees and the men just lined up and I sucked them one after another, always swallowing their sperm and thanking them for their gift.

Then Mistress brought this man and he had the biggest cock I had ever seen, I tried, but it was too big and I was not able to give him the pleasure he wanted. He was very upset and demanded I be punished.

This man, Stephan, said he was having a party soon and was in need of a Toilet Slave. Mistress agreed that this would be a suitable punishment.

I had no idea of what a Toilet Slave was, but I soon found out.

Taken to Master Stephan’s house, he soon had me secured up tight in a latex Hood, and Harness, and fitted with a Special Gag.

As the party progressed,  men would stand before me, remove the plug from the Gag, urinate into my mouth, and reseal the plug. I had no choice but to swallow all their piss. I lost count of how many men pissed into my mouth.

Mistress informed me that any time I displeased her, I would become a human toilet slave.


It has always been my true desire to submit to a strict Dominant Mistress, to have them permanently Feminize me and keep me as their Sissy Slave.

I did experiment with various women, but mostly it was never serious, and it wasn’t until I met Mistress Jade that I could make my fantasy a reality.

Finally I had met a real Mistress who would turn me into what I had long been wanting to be, a Submissive, Feminized, full-time Sissy Slave.

As things progressed, we both decided that what she was doing to me had to be for real, and it should be permanent. We discussed this a lot and we both agreed that we wanted the same thing, for me to be permanently Feminized and to become her full time Sissy Slave for the rest of my life.

We both agreed that the best way to make my Feminization permanent, was for me to pose for a lot of very embarrassing and humiliating photos, and then I would hand her the postal and email address of all my friends and family, and business contacts, every person I knew. I asked Mistress to promise me that if ever I tried to back out of this, or wanted to stop being a Sissy Slave, then she must send all the photos to everyone I know.

With that agreement in place, my fate was sealed, there was to be no escape, and I would be a Sissy Slave for the rest of my life.

To seal our agreement, Mistress Jade tied me up, took a large needle and pierced my cock, then put a gold ring through the hole. This was my ownership ring, I was then owned by Jade, I was her property.

Some times I have talked to people on the Internet and they just can’t understand why I would agree to have this done to me. Some people understand that it is my choice to live my life like this, but many people just are very negative about it. So with Mistress Jade’s permission, I am allowed to tell some people that I was tricked into this and being blackmailed by Jade and I don’t have a choice in what happens to me. But the real truth is that I have wanted this to happen for a very long time and I am extremely grateful to Mistress Jade for everything she has done to me. 

Some of the things that were done to me were a bit harder to accept than others, and I was not pleased to find myself locked up in a Chastity device.

Mistress informed me that Sissies like me are not fit to have sex with a real woman, and I must be locked up into Chastity to help me to become a better Sissy Slave. This was hard for me, because when I am dressed as a woman, I get aroused and turned on sexually, so to suddenly find I can’t get an erection, can’t have sex or even masturbate was a real shock to me. To become a real Sissy Slave I had to give control of my sex to Mistress Jade.

On occasions, I was let out of the Chastity device, and given permission to masturbate. But there was a catch to this, and I had to collect all my sperm on a plate or in a glass and then swallow it all down.

For her amusement, Mistress Jade would sometimes remove the chastity device and attach a small bell to the ring in my penis. I was told I could masturbate but if the bell rang I had to stop and go back into the Chastity device. I would try to go slowly and carefully and would be getting more excited, but no matter how many times I tried, I would masturbate too fast and the little bell would ring and that put a stop to my fun. 

The next thing I found really hard to accept was being made to wear adult Diapers. Being a Sissy and a Slave was what I wanted, but the Diapers were not a part of how I thought this would turn out.

Mistress Jade talked to a lot of people on the Internet, and several Dominants told her that Sissies should be put into Diapers. The humiliation of it was good for the Sissy, and it was also another way to control the Slave.

I did try to argue about it, tried to resist the whole Diaper thing, but I was always reminded that I was a Sissy Slave and I must obey my Mistress.

Resistance was useless, Diapers were purchased that could be locked on to me, Plastic pants and sissy baby clothes that were locked on, I just knew that this was what Mistress intended for me and the sooner I accepted it the better it would be for me. Her most convincing threat was to take me out in public as a Sissy Baby and humiliate me. The thought of that happening soon made me accept the Diapers.

The hardest thing of all for me to accept was the Sissy Slut thing.

Mistress Jade went to different Internet sites and contacted other Sissies, she asked them if they would like to come to my house and dress up, and she would arrange for them to have their cocks sucked. Of course there were several willing to take up the offer so my training began as a Sissy Slut.

Every week there were three or four Sissies who came here and I was made to practice on them until I could take them all the way in and suck them until they came into my mouth. If anyone was not totally satisfied with my performance, then I was whipped, so it didn’t take me too long to get good at this. A whipping from Mistress Jade is not a pleasant experience.

Then came the worst of all news, Mistress Jade had some family problems and had to move away. She now lives over 300 kilometers away, and I do still see her for a few days every 2 or 3 weeks, but life is not the same.

When Mistress comes to visit, I am dressed up all the time, wearing the Diapers and the Chastity device, but usually she is only here a few days, and often there is no time to arrange for men to come here, so my Sissy Slut training has not been continuing too well.

When she leaves, I still want to be a full time Sissy Slave, but you get a few hot days and don’t put on the makeup, or it feels too hot to wear stockings and high heels. I don’t bother wearing the Diapers much, and mostly I am left with the key to my Chastity device. At first I was enjoying my new found freedom, not dressing up every day, no Diapers, not locked up in Bondage restraints, and the Chastity device removed. I could masturbate when I wanted, and no more having to suck other peoples cocks.

But after a while I realized that I was missing all these things, this was the life I had wanted and now I wasn’t enjoying things very much. I began to long for the days of being a full time Sissy Slave again.